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What is project ZERO-G

September 11, 2019

Imagine a backpack not limited by gravity. One built with a weight-dispersion mechanism based on the suspension systems found in contemporary racecars, delivering a travel experience unaffected by bumps and vibrations — isolated from external irregularities to deliver a smooth and weightless trip.

World's First Backpack with 4-Point Independent Suspension

Introducing Project Zero-G: The ultimate backpack. With the world's first 4-point independent suspension - a dynamic system that maximizes comfort by minimizing weight – Zero-G offers the most comfortable and responsive wearable experience in the world.

The problem with today’s backpacks is their static design, making them both unresponsive to changes in motion and uncomfortable to wear. This issue negatively affects your movement, exaggerating weight and straining your back. Backpacks shouldn’t be a burden — they should make your life easier.

As modern adventurers, we found that we needed a backpack that would both lighten our load and adapt more flexibly to our constantly changing environment. That’s why we launched Project Zero-G. After over 18 months of meticulously considering all of the existing limitations of traditional backpacks and obsessing over every functional and aesthetic detail, we finally designed the backpack of our dreams, developing original wearable technology in the process.

Unlike conventional backpacks — which have stiff straps that stress the back while traveling over uneven terrain— Project Zero-G is equipped with a 4-point suspension system, allowing each strap to move independently in reaction to kinetic forces. This elastic transfer of weight absorbs shocks and reduces the effect of gravity, counterbalancing impact energy for a superior user experience. By developing this innovative suspension system, and paying a great deal of attention to aesthetic refinement, we’ve been able to create an aerodynamic backpack that minimizes load, enhances posture, and not only looks fast, but feels it.

Let our suspension take the weight, not your shoulders.

Project Zero-G distinguishes itself from every other backpack on the market through both its design and its unique suspension system. Each of our backpack’s straps has both an upper and lower suspension — independent shock-absorbing points that reduce stress by distributing impact. The tops of each strap are connected with durable bellows — springy and permanently attached — while the bottoms are interchangeable, letting you fine-tune your Zero-G’s suspension to match your load and activity. Just like a vehicle’s suspension is adjusted to its cargo (with harder springs used for heavier loads), Project Zero-G can be calibrated to compensate for any additional weight. From hard to soft, the included suspension sets offer 3 spring rates: heavy-duty, normal, and light.

Regardless of the intensity of your adventure, Zero-G technology will unburden your shoulders and smooth out your ride, delivering an unparalleled, gravity-negating backpack experience.